Who I Am...


My first memories include the smell of linseed oil, turpentine, wet clay, damp air and the smell of wood-smoke.

Born in England into an artistic family, I learned about the creation of art through osmosis, observation, my surroundings and as an adult, a lot of self teaching. 

For me, holding a paint brush or trowel is a completely natural. It's part of my identity. It's meant to be there. Without it, I feel somewhat naked. 

My professional painting life began in 1998 in England when I was asked to paint a mural in a child's bedroom. I'd never painted on such a large surface and it was really fun !  My 7 year old friend and his family were thrilled and from that moment on I decided that the practice of making art simply had to be part of my life.

My life as a ski instructor found me in Big Sky, Montana. Word spread and soon I found myself painting all throughout the Gallatin Valley and beyond. In 2001, I founded Whole Art, completing a number of Faux Finish and Decorative Painting classes to add to my skill set. 

Faux and Decorative Painting allowed me to expand my skills and introduced me to new tools: hawk and trowel, spatula, bristle and badger brushes.  My world of painting opened up and gave me the opportunity to touch more peoples' lives, bring art into their home, and enhance their home or business inside and out. It also put food on the table, as my family grew and gave me the flexibility I desired as a working Mother. 

Over the last 19 years, many of my clients have become good friends. They call me back when the time comes to re-invent their space, to add something new, catch up and drink tea. These ongoing relationships and the joy derived from my artwork are reasons enough for my paint-covered wardrobe, long distances through deep snow and ice and why I always passionately turn up. 

Love, Saskia